Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Why Truck Drivers are in High Demand Right Now

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With the amount of transfer trucks on the road, it wouldn’t seem like there is a need for truck drivers, but there is! Truck drivers with a CDL license are in high demand and here are a few reasons why:

1. Goods need to be Transported –

As the economy improves; people are able to buy more things. And how do these items get to you? Truck drivers are in high demand to transport goods across America. Also, with the ever-increasing e-commerce, goods need to be transported from store to house door. The retail sector employs thousands of truck drivers to transport goods from their retail stores and warehouses to your front stoop.

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2. Baby Boomers are Retiring –

That’s right! Truckers born in the 1960s are starting to reach retiring age. This means that for the next 15-20 years we will see a lot more truckers reaching retiring age, meaning younger truckers can step in to take their places. Some of these openings will be for more experienced drivers, but not all of them! Companies will be able to hire younger, less experienced truck drivers at entry level wages. This means it would be a great idea to enroll in truck driving school so you will be ready to step in when an opening presents itself.

3. Wage Differentials

As mentioned above, older truck drivers are retiring. With older truck drivers retiring it means that companies are hiring younger, less experienced truck drivers. If an older truck driver makes $80,000 a year and retires, a trucking company can hire a younger truck driver at an entry level wage, say $60,000. Basically, a company could hire almost four new truck drivers for each three that resign. Wage differentials shift from boss to business, but every employer with a truck driving force will experience it as more truckers retire and jobs open up for younger drivers.

These are just a few examples of why truck drivers are in high demand. As the economy increases and Baby Boomers retire, companies will be looking for younger truck drivers to step in and fill the gap. Truck drivers are an essential unit in the commerce community. They are the glue that holds the transportation of products from store to door together.

Are you ready to take hold of your future and begin your journey as a truck driver? Enroll in truck driving school today and start an exciting new career!