Wednesday 20 March 2019
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What To Do In This Summer On York University Campus

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Summer always come with beautiful weather, many special cultural festivals and leisure time to explore. There are many students who are not as fortunate as the students living in the Apartments near York University because they have option to explore new places. But who live in university campus cannot spend their summers by backpacking in Europe or swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas. Do not worry, the York University campus has a plethora of fun things to do in the summer. Here, we have elaborated a few fun activities that you can do on your university campus without feeling monotonous.

1. Explore the York U Observatory

The most fascinating activities at the York U Observatory are a night of stargazing and astronomy. It is situated in the Life Sciences Building, a free public viewing program is offered by the Observatory. Beside it, you can chat online with their staff and also can take part in virtual public viewings for looking pictures that have been taken from the Observatory’s telescopes.

2. Explore the Art Gallery

An art gallery (AGYU) is also located on York campus and student can access it. Contemporary art is shown to audiences that help to generate meaningful conversations between artists and audiences. The admission to AGYU is free of cost and it is situated in the Accolade East (ACE) building. . The Gallery opening timing is 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm on Wednesdays, and 12pm to 5pm on Sundays.

3. Enjoy Wheels Wednesdays

During Wheels Wednesdays, the pupils, faculty, and other members of the public can go on a cookery venture without leaving the campus. Every Wednesday from May to August, eminent food trucks like Beaver Tails, Delight Bite and Fully Loaded TO visit the Campus Walk. Go Wheels Wednesdays with your buddies to experiencing some economical and exciting new munchies!

4. Visit the Bergeron Centre

The Bergeron Centre is a beautiful building motivated by a cloud in the blue sky. It is designed to use structural design and interior design to revolutionize conventional learning practices.  It is situated at the back of Scott Library; the Bergeron Centre is a LEED Gold attributed building. Students at University Campus can enjoy this energetic learning atmosphere by relaxing in a resting pod, attending a seminar in a Learning Lab or holding a meeting in an enthusiastic cooperation space! There is one thing missing in the Bergeron Centre are lecture halls.