Wednesday 23 January 2019
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What is the Role and Importance of dissertation samples?

A Sample thesis or dissertation is required when a student need to complete M.Phil, MBA or Phd. Courses. Some of the universities requires its submission for the BBA and B.Sc. Courses too. This article is devoted to all those students who require a sample thesis and want to use it for completion of their work.

Why a sample thesis is required at all:

1) Student is doing these courses from the distance education and no support is available at all from any side.

 2) No Proper amount of support is available from the guide.

3) Guide is providing only a small help

4) Student is not able to ask each and every thing from the guide due to the hesitation.

5) Format may not be understandable.

6) Student needs a typical example of thesis work so that it can do its work accordingly.

7) Student wants to finish the work soon.

But sometimes, it becomes hard to find out the sample thesis or dissertation of the subject on which you want to prepare your own thesis. In that case, you can download the same for other subject. Because a sample thesis which is although not of your subject can provide you basic information like:

– Parts of a thesis

– Style of writing to be used.

– Grammar

– Length

– Composing.

There are so many websites which are providing a complete thesis guidance packages these days which also includes a sample thesis. These types of complete thesis guidance packages contain a lot of information about making a good thesis or dissertation. You may visit any trustworthy website to download such kind of packages. However I like personally because this website is an old one and is having thousands of visitors monthly and great no. of downloads of these kind of materials are there every month. These packages are too much helpful if you are new in this field. Because those packages contain a sample thesis, a lot of tips, information about common mistakes you can make and a lot of other stuff etc.

When you have a sample thesis, then it does not matter whether it belongs to your subject or of any other subject. Your work is half done, because you have already a ready format and you need to enter only the collected information in the ready made chapters. When you read it then then you come to know how you can prepare your own thesis. It will not only guide you but will also answer your lot of questions that you can not ask from your supervisor again and again. It will help in making a strong and impressive thesis.