Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Universities Where You Can Study Cannabis

With the relaxation of cannabis laws throughout the country, many people believe that this is the perfect time to get into the marijuana industry. In fact, the Huffington Post said that the cannabis space is now the fastest growing industry! As the industry matures, there will be an increased need for more marijuana based doctors, dispensaries and cultivators. This means that more training opportunities are needed, and therefore this opens the door for many universities to offer courses related to cannabis.

Oaksterdam University

This university is possibly one of the most well-known and was actually the first cannabis college to form back in 2007. It has a very good reputation and you can expect to pay around $35-45 per credit. A 14 week semester will typically cost around $1200, with a more hands on laboratory based 14 week course coming in at $1500.

As of 2017, over 20,000 students have graduated from Oaksterdam. There are even courses which are more focussed on cooking with cannabis, as well as indoor horticulture.

Clover Leaf – Clover Leaf University

Clover University is another potential location to consider. Based in Colorado, it’s built up a reputation as an excellent place to study and learn about the cannabis industry.In fact, it’s the only educational institute that is approved for practice by the Colorado Department of Education. There are various courses available, such as Cannabis Science and Cannabis Cultivation. It is rumored that Clover Leaf will offer online courses in the near future.

Cannabis Training Institute

If you are looking for a pure online course, then the courses on offer from The Cannabis Training Institute could be a viable option for you. There are various courses available related to cannabis in business and medicine. These online courses are a great option if you have a part time job for example, as it allows you to maintain an income while you study.

The courses at the Cannabis Training Institute are created by industry professionals, so you will know that what you are learning is current and relevant to the cannabis industry in 2017.

Despite the courses on offer being offered online, they do look after their students and pride themselves on being a personal service. Feel free to just phone them or send them an email, and a professional will be on hand to help.

Maybe you have your own recommendations as to what educational establishment is the best to study at? I know from my research that these three providers come highly recommended from industry professionals. For other courses that are available, check out