Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Top 5 reasons why Canada is Inviting Immigrants

Image Credit: Pixabay

Canada is known around the world as the rather large country sitting along the United States’ northern border, boasting its own unique identity and friendly nature. Canada also happens to be one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, welcoming immigrants from around the world. So what has led the country to be so open and welcoming to immigrants, going so far as to invite them in? Let’s take a closer look.

Thinking of Moving to Canada?

Perhaps you’re reading this from another country and thinking about coming to Canada yourself, thanks to its seemingly open-door nature. Those who are interested in becoming a Canadian citizen can click here for sample test questions that are typically found on the test. It’s a great way to get to know Canada and see just what will be required of you in order to become a citizen.

A Welcome from the Prime Minister

In recent weeks Canada’s invitation to immigrants has taken centre stage thanks to a now famous tweet from the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister tweeted out “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”. This message wasn’t just read and applauded in Canada, it was read around the world giving people all kinds of hope.

Many are also aware of the pictures that have circulated of new immigrants arriving into Canada only to be greeted with hugs and handshakes from Trudeau, as he follows through on his promise to welcome them.

Why the Welcome Mat?

So why exactly is Canada inviting immigrants into the country? There are a few reasons in play.

A dwindling labour force: While many countries are having a hard time finding employment for its citizens, Canada will be facing the opposite problem in the coming years. According to a report published in the Globe & Mail newspaper, by the year 2021 there will be around one million jobs sitting vacant with no-one to fill them. That is a rather large amount of jobs!

Another reason Canada is rolling out the welcome mat is because the more citizens it has, the more taxes it can collect. This makes it easier for the federal government in Ottawa to pay for all needs to.

Of course more workers also means more goods and services that can be produced and made available to the citizens in the country, which is a win-win.

As the baby boomers continue to age, they too will be vacating their jobs and requiring more medical care. Who will look after them? Who will fill these jobs? Immigration is desperately needed to help fill the gaps.

The country’s landmass is huge if you were to look at it on a map, yet it only has 34 million people. This means it is considered very underpopulated. There are massive sections of the country with little to no population living in them.

Expect the Trend to Continue

So while it’s absolutely true that Canada is a country built on and proud of its diversity, it also needs immigrants to help the country thrive and continue to grow.