Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Things to Do After Getting an Interview Call

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Today you have received a call from your would-be employer. This is good news that you are shortlisted, but at the same time, it is responsible of performance anxiety. This is the time when you are supposed to make sure that you are selected for the interview. Here are a couple of important tips, which will help you in your interview.

Go through the company’s website

Conducting a small amount of research about the company will give you an added advantage. In this competitive world, you are supposed to stay informed and the vital information about your employer will make a positive impact. Another thing after going through the company’s website is that you can prepare a list of questions, which you need to ask your prospective employers. Quality questions from the candidate’s side will help them increase the score; this is in comparison with those candidates who do not ask a single question.Check for relevant jobs at as they offer a wide range of jobs.

Correct your body language

Your body language speaks 1000 words even if you do not utter a single word from your mouth. Before appearing for an interview, it is advised to get a good night’s sleep because improper sleep will make you yawn in front of your interviewer. Take a good breakfast so that it will keep you going. You need a good amount of energy because your interview may extend into the afternoon. A confident body language with proper eye contact with show enhanced confidence level. You have to sit straight on the chair and stay away from leaning on the table.

Rehearse interview questions

You can get a list of common interview questions and rehearse it with your friend. A good amount of confidence is good, but overconfidence is dangerous. You may be a perfect candidate for the job as per your qualification and experience, but rehearsing for the interview will increase the chances of selection. There is a thin line, which separates the selected candidate and the rejected one. In the present scenario, we all have mobile devices with a camera. You can record your mock interview and check it. This will make you understand the reason you are lagging behind. Check for relevant jobs at

Carry your essentials

You may have seen that lawyers are always carrying their documented evidence to show in the court. In the same way, a candidate is supposed to carry all the necessary documents, which are showing his or her job experience, skills and academic qualification.