Saturday 23 March 2019
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The top five major analytical jobs in the United States

If you really want to receive top professional education or plan to stay in the United States美国大学排名 after graduation, then you must pick a specialty and school that is suitable for staying in the United States. What does it take to study in the United States? Recently, Forbes and Linkedin have released the most demanding professional rankings in 2015 and the top ten school rankings that have produced this outstanding professional talent.

1.Computer Science

Computer technology has been widely used in daily life, production, scientific research and other aspects. The computer science major studies the principles and design of computer systems and software studies the application of computers and focuses on training software professionals. such as 纽约大学.


The finance profession is a very promising profession. Individuals, companies, governments, and private organizations rely more and more on professional financial personnel for effective financial management.

Employment: The company’s financial sector, insurance, securities, real estate, and government financial management. The idea of many people is to invest in banking. The general junior staff has a lot of work and a long working time. Different job units have great differences in salary.


Accounting is the collection, processing, and summary of financial and economic data, and it is used as a scientific basis for guiding business management decisions. Accounting and business management have many links, such as cost, taxation, profit, budget, etc., are all very important parts of business management. Professional accountants are irreplaceable important talents in business management.

4.Business Administration

Nearly every university has a business management program or business management program. Although the demand for professional markets is huge, the supply of talent is also abundant.

Employment: The market demand is huge. The graduates can work in many companies or government departments and work in company management, accounting, taxation, and financial management.


Market development Professional study market research, marketing strategy, promotion, sales, price, product development, public relations, etc.

Employment: The market demand is huge. Most of graduate’s work in companies such as insurance, stocks, securities, real estate, and are mainly engaged in sales, marketing, and management. Market-skilled students must not only have knowledge of advertising and sales techniques, market strategies, but also have an in-depth understanding of economics, accounting, financial management, and information technology.