Tuesday 19 February 2019
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The Best That There Is for Coded Inequality

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If you can get a job and you have to do an assessment, why not do that? What are you afraid of? Fear of failure maybe? You are not a wimp? If you refuse, you will not get the job, it’s as simple as that. And that way you never find out where your limits and possibilities lie. An employer can ask you to show that you are indeed suitable for a job. Anyone can say that he or she is suitable, that does not say anything yet. We live in narcissistic times and you do not go out with the first best for a relationship? If there are more candidates, it is very legitimate to choose the best candidate through an assessment.

The fair Option

That is much fairer than, for example, allowing managers to conduct interviews, which are mainly guided by opportunistic motives and gut feeling. So if an organization asks you to do an assessment, it is a sign of realism and humility: we know our limits, we cannot do this ourselves and hire specialists for it. Who are you then to say that you do not want to do it? That testifies to self-reflection and lack of respect. You can also learn something from an assessment. An assessment can also protect candidates who overestimate themselves against themselves (and the employer). For the Coded Inequality understanding and other kinds of assessments for the IBPS the best options will be available now.

The Right Self Insight

Ultimately it is about progressive self-insight and a perspective on a place where you come to your right and can make a meaningful contribution. And there is always something positive in an assessment report. Even if you do not agree with the results, then such a report can mean a turning point in your life. An assessment psychologist will gladly help you with this. In short, take on the challenge. Do not be afraid to learn. Do not be afraid of yourself.


How do you find out what you can do? With what kind of tasks and in what kind of work environment is you best at your right? Where your limits and what are are your pitfalls? What else should you develop and how? You can discover all these points yourself during your working life. Then you may be busy for about 5 years, but sometimes much longer, in different (less successful) jobs. You can get the best out of yourself with professionals who are ready to help you. Take every assessment you can take until you notice that nothing new comes up. If necessary, ask for an assessment yourself. Autonomy also has a price, but it pays back twice.

The Best Value for the Tests

Valuable self-knowledge is mainly achieved through objective feedback and good instruments. In a good assessment you will be dealing with this in the form of professional assessment psychologists and validated and reliable tests and questionnaires. Possibly via a role play you also get instant feedback on your current behavioral style. This is a great opportunity to learn something sensible about you. Please note that the psychologists are members of the NIP and that it is clear what the purpose, content, understanding of the Coded Inequality, procedure, reporting and feedback of the assessment look like.