Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Spend time with benefit with your kids playing educational games

Nowadays, parents have more and more work and less time for the child. In a short period of time they have feed and bath a child, ask about the successes in the kinder garden, entertain, practice lessons, read a fairy tale. Children often look for any excuse to avoid studying, and then educational games for children come to the rescue.

For 30 minutes a day, the kid learns from virtual lessons more than you will be able to invest in his head for a week. He is absorbed in the process of managing pictures and tries to perform the task accurately, because he has the incentive to get game points. Everything is built on children’s curiosity: what will happen if I do this? Also he has the desire to be the best. This is a good way to communicate with the child, helping him to understand the task and learn the manipulation of keyboard and mouse controls.

Kids, watching as their parents are keenly doing something on the computer, are eager to imitate them. And so, the mother holds the child on her lap, opening educational games for children. It is worthwhile to show him simple actions with a mouse and keyboard, as after several attempts the child already deftly directs the arrow to the objects on the screen.
If you have not managed to concentrate your son’s and daughter’s attention on useful lessons before, now they are eager to learn. For those whocan not read yet, the voice in the game tells the task, and after it is completed, the youngster gets a well-deserved praise.
Regularly attending this section of games on Manamonstersite, the child will soon independently read, because in the educational game he receives tasks for memorizing individual letters and adding them to wordsin an accessible form. For example, he needs to find the letter which the name of the subject begins with or fill out the empty squaresunder the picture, substituting letters to get the word denoting the object.