Saturday 23 March 2019
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Social Media and Education, Where they collide?

It seems like a consensus has built among the masses that social media and education can go along. Due to the numerous benefits, social media is providing us, people have also started believe that by incorporating education with it can boost up the productivity and efficiency of the students.

These believe and efforts made to convert these believes in the reality were all in the right approach and cause. But, it wasn’t long when the educationalist realized that social media is not made for the education. One of the cynosures of social media Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg had this idea of launching a platform for all the Harvard students to collaborate and cooperate with each other for the academic purpose. But what it turned out is known by the 2.07 billion users of it.

There are many contradictions in the basic ideology of education and social media. It is true that the education of social media or social media marketing has become a major in the marketing degree programs and students are taking Dissertation Writing Service from the UK writers to write argumentative essays on this child of the internet.

For the sake of those students and to aware the supporters of social media and education, I am writing this post in which I am going to highlight some points which will clear the smokes from the collision of social media and education.

Not educational oriented:

While designing a building for a school the primary concern should be the educational needs of students. Without it, the building would look like a mere residential one with additional room and vacant space. With the same logic, anything which is not entirely educational oriented cannot live with it. There are numerous things, more than the educational one which can distract students for the reason why they are allowed to use social media in classroom or school/college premises.

More like a tool for chat:

Social media is connecting students even when they are not in school. Okay! The argument is valid but are they really have to be connected off the school too. Every student has his life. You cannot ask him to stay connected needlessly with the people whom he or she meet five days a week every morning. Forcing them to interact with fellow students off the school on the internet is not going to help out any academic purpose of them. They will interact with each other eventually when they find the need for it. There are numerous other sources and mediums of interacting with the fellows and pulling social media under this umbrella could only be the brainchild of any marketer.

Ideal for distractions:

Social media is an entirely internet-based world. Whatever activities happening in the real world including any soccer match or release of a new superhero movie, social media becomes a huge hall where millions of people start to discuss the same things over and over again. This all happen in such a fancy fashion that not you and I can keep ourselves out of it. So how you can expect a student who naturally doesn’t want to study or spent the time to surround by the books would focus only on those things which are related to academics. This is the point where social media collide with the fundamentals of education and academic studies.