Tuesday 19 February 2019
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SAP BODS Is Not Odd ! But An Even choice For Your Company

SAP Business Objects Data Services (in short BODS) is a powerful software tool designed by a company Business Objects, which was acquired by SAP in the year 2007. Data Services(DS) is the ETL is the tool of SAP Business Objects. SAP BODS is used for integration of all kinds of different systems, and pull out data from them and derive a meaningful information from them and loading the same into all types of systems. BODS is tightly coupled with SAP systems and is an efficient tool to transfer data from conventional systems to SAP systems with productive debugging and effective monitoring capabilities.

Basic Functionalities Of BODS:

  • Business Intelligence(BI): This tool helps in analyzing organizational data and helps to improve business performance such sales processes, manufacturing processes, supply chain and inventory processes, also scales the staff performance and so on. BI brings out a meaningful data from the data warehousing, graphs, charts and reports through visualization technique. An effective BI gives a competitive edge to a company in the market.
  • Data Warehousing: It is particularly designed and developed for specific formats to make data analysis easy and prepare reports faster. This can be developed using data from different databases or various data resources.
  • ETL(Extract, Transform & Load): Extracts data from any database/system/tables, modifies and improves extracted data and loads the enhanced data into the database/tables/systems.
  • Data Migration: This is a part of ETL segment and performs migration of data from one system to another system or database. This also involves in alteration and modification of data.

Features & Benefits That Make BODS An Even Choice:

Features Comments
Operational Dashboard This tool offers dashboards of Data Integration execution statistics progress and job execution performance for given period of time.
Auto Documentation BODS allows to view and analyze representations of all objects as illustrated in the data including their properties, tables and relationships used.
Impact and Lineage Analysis This tool can analyze end-to-end impacts, DI tables and columns BO objects like business views, universes and reports
Information Stewart Information Stewart is widely used in data mining and this tool provides business analysts necessary information in defining rules as Integration Systems(IS) is integrated with BODS.
Data Quality This tool can automatically generate reports with the help Data Quality Transforms.
Join Multiple Sources BODS enables to link different sources for data integration
Split Data Streams Data can be divided and used as per the requirements.


  • The biggest advantage is the tight integration with all SAP products/systems.
  • This tool supports applications such as, SAP, Peoplesoft etc; files such as excel, CSV; and mainframes.
  • This also supports newer technologies like Hadoop and Web Services as a data sources.
  • SAP BW uses extractors to take a look at data in SAP ECC only with the help of SAP BODS as a data source. This is a unique advantage not seen in any other ETL tool in the market.
  • In addition, integration with SAP’s In-memory platform and SAP HANA is much more progressive.
  • BODS is easy to use and provides good data management support.

What’s New in SAP BODS:


By now you can understand and analyze how important is data integration to an organization. Extracting, gathering, modifying, and transforming data and loading the modified data to different systems or databases effectively and providing productive Business Intelligence to business professionals is really a challenging task to an ETL tool, Only SAP BODS has that capability to perform the above functions.