Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Life Coaching is Project Management

On a micro and macro scale, your life is a project. Finite resources delimit your acceptable outcomes, the “quality” of your product (your standard of living, purpose, and so forth), as well as the scope. In fact, all four common project constraints (scope, time, quality, and budget) are useful analogs for life coaching, self help, and general self improvement.

Crucial to most project management methodologies is the act of providing periodic feedback and definitive tracking of how actions and outcomes relate. Taking a look at clinical therapy, cross fit training, or self diagnostic manuals for mental and physical health, these steps so central to project management are also central to life coaching and self improvement.

While one will not want to “over manage” their own self improvement goals, it is worth noting that there are also elements of project management related to intuition, leadership, and purpose. All elements that don’t need to be over thought, and once inculcated as habits become second nature to trust.

A useful set of resources for incorporating project management thinking into self improvement goals may be found at Their project management aptitude quiz provides a useful look at ways in which one may need to improve their knowledge and skills in project management (even if not for the sake of being a project manager). While their list of resources for learning project management skills online provides a useful library of resources for many aims.

Happy learning and improvement to you all!