Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Learning Chinese online is easy

China is a booming country today with new education and employment opportunities coming up every other day. People nowadays, are flocking towards China for a brighter future. However, in order to go to a foreign country like China, where the official language is not English and rather a completely different one, it is extremely important to get to know about the Chinese language so that anyone who goes there does not fall into the soup while communicating with the local Chinese inhabitants. Clearly, this stems the need to learn Chinese language by the foreign people who are wishing to go to China for higher studies or better job opportunities in the future.

How to learn Chinese online?

Today with the internet invasion in the lives of the common people, learning any language online has become very simple for everybody. If one wants to learn Chinese, he or she must follow the following steps judiciously in order to get a firm grip over the language within a very short span of time:

  • It is important to register as a member of some Chinese learning community in the various social media platforms, for example, Weibo in Twitter, which is a Chinese learning forum. Here, intermingling with people having the same interests of Chinese language learning will be possible.
  • There are various free tools available online that will assist in learning Chinese. Some of the popularly used tools include Nciku for learning Chinese vocabulary by teaching new Chinese words every day, Ting that makes use of audio medium for teaching Chinese, Lang-8, which helps to learn Chinese by writing and various other tools such as BBC Chinese, Learn Chinese Everyday, Livemocha,, Mdbg Chinese-English Dictionary, English-Chinese Vocabulary Quizzes, etc. that equip an individual by various Chinese words and phrases in a regular manner so that one can easily learn as per his or convenience followed by taking mock tests and quizzes for self-assessment and subsequent improvement.
  • It is crucial to get to know about the basics of Mandarin in order to learn Chinese language and various online portals are available where this is taught for free. Moreover, there is no need to incur any expenditure as the online Mandarin tutorials are absolutely free.

Above all, it is all about constant practice, hard work and dedication that are essential to get to know from the bounty of online resources. In addition to self-learning, exchange of ideas and suggestions with other counterparts is also essential because this will enhance the actual communication that is the main essence of learning a foreign language.