Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Knowledge engineering, changing the classrooms forever

The world of teaching and learning has changed a lot in the recent times. Like everywhere else, technology has made quite some deep inroads in this genre as well. The use of technology has increased in imparting and delivering knowledge to the extent that several new concepts have come up.

Why knowledge engineering?

  • These systems are generally developed using artificial intelligence platforms. The improvement in the standards of this technology shall be considered at the base of the prominence of knowledge engineering.
  • Technology has the best ways to keep the learners interested in the scheme of teaching. This would help largely in enhancing the chances of the learners remaining with the learning procedure for the requisite time.
  • How to develop an effective knowledge engineering platform?
  • The conventional methods have their limitations when it comes of modular information delivery. This is not an issue when using software tech as the information delivery method.
  • Using the tech to learn new concepts can have a dual benefit for the learners as they get to be in touch with the most cutting edge techno during the course of learning.
  • Responsiveness: It is essential that the developed software has the ability to respond properly to the questions and the doubts of the learner. This would allow the learners to get their issues cleared in real time and also improve the quality of information delivery to the ends of the channel.
  • Interactive: The interaction between a teacher and the student is significantly relevant in ensuring proper quality of knowledge delivery. This model needs to be replicated with utmost sincerity in order to keep the learners interested in the lessons. Failing to do so would eventually lead to the concentration being compromised which would result in imperfect retention of the concepts and information.
  • Improvisation: Students tend to ask questions that are unusual and out of the league at times. Therefore it is extremely important that the platform is designed with the ability to mould the content in a way that could be understood by the students with ease. It would mean that the students remain interested in the lessons and get all their issues regarding the lessons cleared without any problems.
  • Improvement in database: The information that is imparted to the students needs to be constantly updated according to the new developments. This would help in ensuring that the database is not rendered obsolete after some time and remains credible.
  • Logic building approach: The way things are shaping up in the contemporary times, the need for practical logic building and problem solving can’t be underrated. The design of the platform should be made on the similar lines. This way the learners would not only get information but also be able to use it in the actual applications.

Knowledge engineering would go a long way in improving the style and the standardsof teaching and learning. The classrooms would surely take a transitional shift for the better.

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Mindlogicx is amongst the leading service providers in corporate consultancy in India. It also offers several cutting edge applications and solutions for improving the way teaching is done. The company is known for its initiative in improving the involvement of technology in education flow.