Wednesday 23 January 2019
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Is A Career In Marketing Sales Good For Me?

Career counsellors often state how they come across so many students who feel like they have chosen the wrong subjects to pursue a career in. While the factors which lead to why that actually happens may differ, one thing remains the same: the need to make an informed decision in terms of choosing a subject.

For example if you are planning to pursue a career in marketing and/or sales, there is a lot more that you need to have than just a professional degree. Let us have a look at some of those things:

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1: Excellent Communication Skills

While having strong communication skills are often mentioned as a prerequisite for most jobs, irrespective of the field, their importance becomes twice as important when you talk about marketing and sales.

And here’s why:

Whether you are marketing a product through an advertisement or speaking face-to-face with a company asking them to invest in whatever it is that you are selling, you are going to have to pursue them. You are going to have to make them believe that what you are selling is better than everything else that is out there on the market.

And that is no easy job!

Persuasiveness is extremely important if you wish to succeed as marketing sales personnel.

2: Not for the Weak-Hearted

The reason why we say that a career in marketing sales is not for the weak hearted and you need a lot of patience is because selling a product or a service to an audience or a client can sometimes be met with rejection. You might think that a proposal that you are about to pitch is going to just hit the roof, or the product that you are selling is so good that it stands no chances of facing rejection, but you never know.

Having confidence in yourself and of course, whatever it is that you are proposing or selling is extremely, extremely important for any person interested in this field. Just because a client does not buy what you are selling does not mean you or your product is a failure, it could mean a variety of other things.

Sometimes, it takes time for things to take off.

If you think your personality is a good match for this field, your people skills are amazing, you have that convincing power and of course, you are able to get by the academic requirements as well then this field may be very lucrative for you. In fact, marketing sales is one field where 80% of the time there is going to be some firm out there in need of a competent marketing sales manager.

In other words they could be looking for you! If you are looking for marketing graduate jobs then check out various employment websites.

Several of these websites keep on regularly updating their pages, posting all the latest jobs related to marketing sales. Keep checking these websites regularly so that you do not miss out on any opportunity.