Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Interesting Facts about Evolution

Evolution is a fascinating process which helps us understand the living world around us. Evolution can be seen almost anywhere we look today. It can be described as the change in characteristics of a species over a huge period of time. Evolution is a very important chapter in biology for students studying in ICSE, CBSE, state board, etc.

Some interesting facts about evolution are given here to help students learn the topic in a fun and easy way.

  • Every living entity has evolved from a bacterium which lived billions of years ago. It is said that biological evolution started around 3.7 billion years ago.
  • Seals, dogs, and bears are closely related carnivores. But they are on a different branch of the evolutionary tree than hyenas and cats.
  • Some dolphins and whales have small bones inside them which shows that these species once had legs and their ancestors could walk on land. This bone appears as a rear tiny flipper.
  • Birds have evolved from dinosaurs which are both descendants of reptile. Crocodiles are the closest living reptilian relation of birds.
  • All human babies develop a tail in the womb which dissolves eventually.
  • Dinosaurs were not the first reptile to evolve. Dinosaurs came to earth 220 million years ago whereas the first reptile crawled on land 340 million years ago.
  • Around 550 million years ago, homo sapiens had a common ancestor with a rod-like sea animal called as lancelet.
  • Human beings share about 31% of their genes with a single living cell yeast that replicates itself every 90 minutes.
  • Homo sapiens or modern man emerged 250000 years ago. The evolution of humans has taken around 5 million years.
  • The wings of penguins evolved into flippers. As swimming was easy for transportation the little wings of penguins evolved into flippers.
  • The human brain is getting smaller due to evolution. According to scientists, our brain started getting smaller around 20000 years ago.
  • Mammals have developed better night vision to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs.
  • Human beings have little hair compared to other mammals and primates as it helps them lose heat faster, reduce parasites, etc.
  • Experts believe that goosebumps are remains of the thick hair that covered primitive humans.
  • Researchers are not sure if humans have reached the evolution peak or are still evolving.

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