Sunday 25 October 2020
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In modern offices, there are a lot of reasons why raised access floors should be used. For the office, this could come as a very good plan for enhancing your overall aesthetics. In the early 70s, what we now know as a raised access floor was just a budding technology that had not yet entered the minds of individuals. The raised floor tiles concept is simply panels that are raised slightly above ground level in order to make more room for wires, servers, and electrical components to pass through.

Over the years, many companies, especially companies that make use of a lot of technology in their day-to-day activities, have adopted this concept. Raised Access Floors are not the regular type of floors that can be seen often in an office. As a matter of fact, even if the concept has grown over the years, a few people still do not value it. They are still yet to embrace their technology that could bring a lot of value and improve the overall aesthetic of their office. These floors are built to last, and they are also built to withstand very heavy vibrations that may result from regular human and machinery operations in the workplace.

 To prove to you that these floors have great aesthetic value, we’ll be sharing with you in this article, 5 reasons why the raised access floors are important for your office aesthetics.

  1. It looks good and neat.

You should know that nobody would want to walk around a company and see wires and electrical fitting littered all over the floors. It could lead to a serious disaster. Raised access floors helped to cover all these. The floor has a lot of space underneath which can be used to hide all these unwanted wirings. When the wires are hidden, your office will look organized and neat. Whenever people come into your office, the overall aesthetics will keep them.

  1. Ability to access the wires underground.

Since the wires and the server are hidden under the floor, there will be a greater chance of accessing them whenever the need arises.  Wires can be passed over a long distance throughout the office facility under the ground without being seen from the surface of the floors, and whenever there is a need to repair or to perform routine checkups, the areas of the servers can be accessed without any hassle.

  1. It is possible to keep it at a cool temperature.

Yes. One of the very great advantages of the raised access floor is that it is possible to keep it at a cool temperature whenever you need to. Due to the amount of space underneath, the air is allowed to move throughout the floors, and it can also be air-conditioned from below the tiles or above the tiles. Air conditioning from above the tiles keep the servers and other components installed under the tiles col and prevents them from overheating.

  1. It helps the ground to be perfectly horizontal.

In several offices, there is a serious need for the ground to be perfectly horizontal and even. In a place where there is a high workload on the ground surface, or where machines are required to operate round the clock at all times. There is a great need for the ground to be perfectly even. Once the ground is uneven, it could pose a serious threat to the people and the machinery operating in that particular area. That’s where raised access floors come in to play. These floors help to ensure that the ground is perfectly horizontal to ease workflow and help maintain the ground to remain firm when dealing with vibrations.

  1. It enhances the office beauty.

The beauty that the raised access floors add to the office cannot be overlooked. There are various designs that can suit any office space at any point in time. From wood to PVC, to porcelain, to granite, there is always something that will suit or office and your company at any given time. This floor is convenient and to a great extent, very suitable and fits into every space and every environment that it is placed in.