Wednesday 20 March 2019
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How to make employers respond to your online application  

Upon making an application on an online recruitment platform such as Reflik, you need to put into consideration various aspects to ensure you get the job advertised. We have compiled a list of the aspects you should look to stand out from the crowd. Here we go.

Have Priorities

You need to have a priority list of all the aspects you are bringing to the table. All employers are looking for specific skills which they have to see on your profile. Without making them see these aspects, you don’t stand a chance at securing the job.

Be Fast with your Application

The moment a job is placed online, thousands of people are able to see it. Chances are that you are not the first one. But you can be the first one to hand in your application form. Always be having something you can quickly edit to apply for a job online.=

Have Round-Figure Salaries

If you are needed to quote a salary, simply put a round figure there such as $1,000. Avoid using complex figures such as $1,352 since the algorithms that pick the candidates got for round figures. Don’t let this be the reason why you miss out on a great job.

Look Promising

This may be a bit confusing to some. However, the aim is to appear willing to work and talk about your other aspects. For example, when asked about your references or the current job you are filling, it is advised AT TIMES to simply state ‘to be discussed.

Focus your CV

Ensure your CV has the right keywords to be picked upon by the employers. If an employer is seeking an accountant who is skilled in the use of QuickBooks, make sure that the words ‘accountant’ and ‘QuickBooks’ stand out from your CV. In this way, you be positioned well enough to get what the employer wants from you.

Address the Needs of the Employer

By now you know that the main aspect bringing you in contact with the employer are your skills and how they help them realize their goals. In this regard, you should present yourself as their conduit to the realization of the goals of their firm.

Seek More Contact with the Firm

Most (if not all) firms have public profiles such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. While it may not be such a great point, know more about them through this profiles to get an in depth understanding of their goals. You may find out some aspects about them that other candidates are not aware of.

In summing up, a lot of people go online to apply for jobs without having any skills and tips on how to do it right. This way, it will be wasting time as the chances of getting the job are very slim. If you stick to these tips and use platforms such as Reflik, your chances of getting hired are very high.