Wednesday 20 March 2019
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How To Land A Stable Bartending Job

Are you now preparing to apply for a bartender job? Well, bartending is indeed a thrilling and a lucrative job. However, one cannot become a bartender just because he wants to. He needs to be skilled in everything that the job entails.

Thus if you are really planning to become a bartender, you should first make sure that you have the skills in meeting the expectations of your possible employer. There are training schools you can be part of and one of them is École du Bar de Montréal.

École du Bar de Montréal offers a complete package that will surely enable you to become a pro in bartending. It will be a 5-day training that will cover both theory and practical aspects of the course.

Once you are a pro in bartending, here are the steps you can follow to land a good bartending position:Image result for How To Land A Stable Bartending Job

  1. Be sure to meet the requirements

You need to be in the right age like at least 18 years old before you can apply for a job like bartending. You also need to take alcohol awareness classes as this will cover important matters such as DUIs, fake IDs and more.

  1. Be aware of the qualities that entail being a good bartender

You need to enjoy being with people. Bartending is a social job. You will never be alone in this job. You don’t only need to serve people, you must also know how to get along with them. There will be times when they will talk to you and you need to converse back as well.

  1. You must have good memory

You will have a lot to memorize if you are a bartender. You need to memorize different wine mixes and different recipes of hundreds of cocktails. You also need to memorize what a particular customer prefers as there are times when a customer will just say ‘the usual’.

  1. You need to have exceptional sales skills

In real life, bartenders really have minimum wages. However, there will be a lot of times that they will receive tips from their customers who enjoy their services. You can do the same thing as there will even be times when the tips from the customers are more than your regular wage.

Indeed bartending might not make you a millionaire but it can give you more than your basic needs if you are just good.