Thursday 22 October 2020
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How to do preparation for SAT test?

When you register yourself for SAT test then you need to start preparation for test. You need to register yourself before three months of test. Let’s talk about SAT test prep.

  • Get familiar with the structure and format of SAT: before starting preparation, you must get familiar with the structure and format of SAT. You must knowledge of different subject areas covered in test. Each section of test has different set of questions. The structure and format is different which you have to face.
  • Find your weakness: once you get familiar with the different areas of test then you need to find your weakness. The best way to figure out your weakness is to take complete test. Then you use the score guidelines for find out your score. This will help you in find out your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can focus on your weakness.
  • Set a score objective: when you have an idea about the baseline then you can set your score goal. You will make estimate that in how many time you can complete your test with more accuracy.
  • Set a study schedule: you must make a study schedule for yourself. While making study schedule, you must keep in mind your score goal and time left for test. When you set a consistent schedule then it will make your habit.
  • Review important areas: start learning which you know already and review it first. Focus on areas you know you weak in.
  • Learn test strategies: you must have skills to eliminate the answers and manage the time. This will help you in getting good score.
  • Do more practice: do more and more practice until the test is not done.

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Tips for SAT test prep

  • Always identify your mistake and focus on rectifying them
  • Give emphasise on positive and negative connotation.
  • Read passage carefully so that you can give accurate answers to question
  • Never ignore the instructions given in paragraph and essay writing
  • Indulge yourself in reading passages and questions
  • Focus on your weakness to get high score in test
  • Memorize formulas
  • Highlight the key parts of question so that you can find right answer
  • Memorize grammar rules
  • Penetrate the paragraph before giving answers

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