Sunday 25 October 2020
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How to convert tiff to jpg

Sometimes a TIFF file cannot be used as an illustration on a website or application, but a JPG file can. In this case, you will need to transfer the file from one format to another.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) format is used to store raster images. Often it is used when scanning documents or images, when sending faxes, recognizing text. Many photographers also work with this format because of the ability to create high-resolution images and adjust them later. The advantage of the TIFF format is that data can be written to it without any compression and loss. In addition, several images can be stored in a file.

JPG (JPEG) format is no less popular than TIFF, but it has its own characteristics. This format compresses images, thereby reducing the file size by several times. On the one hand, it is convenient when sending files over the Internet, on the other hand, with this approach, image quality suffers.

Quite often, users need to convert files from TIFF format to JPG format, in order to reduce file size. There are several ways to do this.

You will need

  1. AnyConv online file converter or another
  2. Microsoft paint
  3. net

Instruction manual

1 way

The easiest and most common way to convert is through online converters.

Go to any site that allows you to convert TIFF to JPG.

Click Browse and select the TIFF file located on your computer. Some sites allow you to upload files using the drag-and-drop method.

If necessary, provide your email address. Because sometimes converters send a converted file to your email.

Click the «Change» or «Convert» button. Wait for the file to convert.

Download the converted file to your computer. If nothing appears on the screen, you should get the finished file in your inbox.

2 way

Each computer with Windows operating system has a graphical editor Microsoft Paint, which allows you to perform the process of converting a file from TIFF to JPG format.

Open the Paint app. To do this, go to the “Start” menu – “Accessories – Windows” – “Paint”.

Click “File” – “Open.” “Explorer” opens.

Find the folder with the file you want to convert, select and open the file by clicking on the appropriate button.

Click File – Save As – JPEG Image. A save window will open. Specify a file name, select a directory and click “Save.”

As a result, you will convert the TIFF file to the JPG format.

There is one limitation in this method. The Paint application works with TIFF files whose color depth is 32 bits. 16-bit images in it do not open.

3 way

The Paint.NET program is very popular among users and is absolutely free.

Open the program.

In it, click “File” – “Open.”

In the explorer window, select the file and click “Open.”

Then click “File” – “Save As.”

A save window will open. In the “File Type” drop-down list, select “JPG” and click “Save.”

In the save options window, click OK.

As a result, a JPG file will be created.