Wednesday 23 January 2019
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How do voice chips choose type?

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The electronic sphygmomanometer with voice function has the function of voice playing. It is very clear to hear the measurement of the blood pressure meter before, in use and after measurement. It is very convenient for the elderly and poor eyesight to use. How to select voice chip and its solution when designing a sphygmomanometer? Below, I recommend several options for you to see specifically what your needs are.

  1. Low cost electronic sphygmomanometer programmable sound module

The low cost electronic sphygmomanometer voice scheme is sensitive to the price, and the performance and quality requirements are moderate. At this time, WTH040 voice chip can be selected as the core of the electronic sphygmomanometer. The WTH040 single chip operating voltage range is between DC2.4~5.0V, and can be used in the voltage range of the arm type and wrist electronic blood pressure instrument. The chip is optional PWM and DAC audio output mode. When the volume requirement is not very high, it can use PWM to drive 8 ohm 0.5 watts of horn directly. When the sound volume is required, the DAC output can be used and three poles can be used. The tube drives the horn to make a sound.

  1. Low cost, high quality voice chip solution WTH080

WTH080 and WTH040 belong to WTH series voice chip.WTH080 than WTH040 have 40 seconds more voice resources, which means that WTH040 resources are not used or very resource tight, but when you want to improve the sound quality, you can use WTH080 to improve the sampling rate of voice files in the production of voice engineering to achieve better sound quality. WTH080 and WTH040 are identical in working mode, control mode and number of segments. But please note: WTH080’s package pin definition and WTH040 are different. Customers can’t replace them directly when they are designed and used, so the voice chip model should be determined when doing the sample. Two samples can be compared under uncertainty.

  1. General communication protocol or private communication protocol plan, can directly issue voice frame, no need of customer combination. In the speech sphygmomanometer communication protocol, many manufacturers have a common way of communication. The advantage of this method is that the protocol interface of the equipment is unified, the docking is simple, the device is replaceable, and it has formed a default industry standard (open or undisclosed). Consider, the use of a private communication protocol.

The first scheme: using two line control, three line control and serial port control voice chip. For example, the result is high voltage 110KPa, low voltage 75Kpa, and the blood pressure range is normal. Then when the MCU plays the result, we must send “measurement result” – wait for Busy- “high pressure” – wait for Busy- “one hundred” – waiting Busy- “one” – Wait Busy “ten” – wait for Busy- “kPa” – wait for Busy- “low voltage” – wait for Busy – “seven” – wait for Busy- “ten” – wait for Busy- “Five” – wait for Busy- “kPa” – wait for Busy- “blood pressure range” – wait for Busy- “normal”. It is obvious that when the single chip computer combines voice, it is necessary to check the Busy to control the play of the voice combination at all times. At this time, the single chip computer can hardly do any other work again. It is no doubt that it is worse for some products with very tight control resources.