Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Friends or foes: who hurts more?

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So you just had heartbreak and wondering why it is so hard to cope up with the feeling. Why you have to go through the feeling you don’t feel like experiencing and why you need to go through the hardships of getting hurt. Well getting hurt and recovering from the feeling takes some time. It is a feeling that takes longer than usual to evaporate especially when you are constantly thinking about the person who hurt you.  The person who is more close to us will hurt us more. It is not a job for strangers rather a person close to heart must do it.

Breakups or issues in any relationship hurts, it hurts more than anything and it takes time to heal and move on with the things. Getting over the feelings takes time and also includes unpredictability. The process is hard and time taking and it is important for a person to have a strong will and positive attitude to move out from the feeling of hurt, heartbreak, and unwantedness. However, there are certain traits that can be followed and choices that can be made to recover from the negativity of the situation.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is the first and correct step for recovering from the loss and feeling of negativity. At times we find it difficult to believe that we are hurt by someone who is close to us. Accepting the fact makes things easier and rolls the process of recovery. You have to stop daydreaming and analyzing the situation again and again.

  • Positive attitude

Positive attitude never fails to help. When people get hurt emotionally they act like miserable with having a negative attitude. They even prefer listening sad songs but all these things will only make your life miserable with having little or no effect on another person. Rather you must have a positive attitude as it is the best remedy that can help in sailing through the feeling.

  • Socialization

We isolate us when we feel hurt and sad. We don’t want anyone to see us in a miserable situation and this is something we need to avoid. Isolation is not a solution but socialization is. We should meet and interact with others to move out of the situation. The feeling will improve with time but only through socializing.

  • Attachment

After getting hurt or facing a breakup we kind of ends all connection and feeling for others. this feeling of detachment is wrong and it cannot solve the purpose. the world has not turned upside down if your feeling towards a person has gone wrong. Get attached with others who love you and try really hard to make you feel happy.

  • Communication

We communicate when we feel happy and we must communicate to end the feeling of hurt and emptiness from our soul. Communication is the key to happiness and we must be in touch with people who love and care for us otherwise we will never be able to forget and forgive the person who hurt us.