Saturday 23 March 2019
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Education is a key to ending poverty all over the world – Know how

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This is a statement which has been accepted all over the world because it is true that without imparting proper education to people throughout the globe, it is impossible to eliminate poverty. There are many who may say that the key to a world sans pollution is a world filled with solar-power appliances, but all these are highly debatable statements. However, when we say education is the key to eliminating poverty, we aren’t just using a cliché all over again. It is true and it has been proved that education can change communities, people and the nation for the sake of humanity.

History has proved time and again that there has always been a wave of development which has been directed towards humanity where individuals have changed things with the power of education. The benefits of education are measurable and none can deny that. You may check for more information on how they’ve leveraged education in eliminating poverty.

Education plays a role in boosting the income of a person

Studies have always revealed that for a single year of schooling, girls can boost their earnings over their lifetime for at least 10-20% and if you wish to know the data gender-neutral, the benefit can be chalked out at 10%.

Education plays a role in taking care of the health of children

When pregnant moms are given the right amount of education on how to take care of themselves and their unborn baby, they usually give birth to healthier babies who grow up to be healthy individuals. This can also decrease the total number of women who die during delivery or post delivery due to lack of care. Hence, education can also save the lives of women and the babies.

Education is the carrier of peace

When a particular region is at least 10% above the required education level, there will be less risk of conflict and war and this is reduced by around 5%. Hence, it can be said that education also builds peace among a nation.

Education makes people wealthier

It has been seen that with every additional schooling year, there is a rise of yearly GDP or Gross Domestic Product by 0.37%. If you put them into the total amount, this will mean billions of dollars.

Hence, it has been proved all over again that education can eliminate poverty and that too in many ways. The world should take more steps to impart education to the children so that they grow up to be educated individuals.