Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Do grades actually matter?

Often you must have seen children crying over their grades and parents scolding them for the bad marks. But is it worth doing so? Many students even commit something wrong because of the harsh words they have to face. But what’s the overall result? You think a piece of paper can decide the whole future of a student? Do grades matter?

Well, this is now a debatable topic. Many of you will say “yes,” and many of us will say “no.” Let’s discuss some real-life examples for these situations:

Must you have heard of Bill Gates? Or Steve Jobs? Both are quite famous for what they’ve achieved in their lives. And, guess what? None of them have a college diploma. Yes, that’s true. They are college dropouts, but still, the whole world knows about them. They’re just two names from the list of many. Where did the importance of grades go now?

By the above example, we can conclude that you need not necessarily be academically outstanding to outstand. We aren’t against good grades or good academic performance. But for once, think that do these grades matter? It would be a “yes” if you want them to or else, a big “NO.” When you have good grades, you can happily walk into the college of your choice. And, if you have poor grades, you might land up to something less. But it makes a negligible change to your future. Even with not-so-good college, you can simultaneously pave the path to your dreams. Nobody will ask you about your marks once you achieve something in your life. The period of one or two months where you try to get admission into favourite colleges is the time where your grades are asked – by everyone.

An academically outstanding student has his grades to be boastful about. But, mediocre students who don’t have amazing grades are more likely to have the skills, abilities and talents. Study or book knowledge is not everything. A topper gives all his time to books, but a mediocre student has enough time to learn other skills while maintaining a respectful grade. Once Jack Ma told his son that “You don’t need to be in the top three of your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills.” We hope this statement of Jack Ma makes our point clear to you. Have skills along with education, that’s what matters.

Grades have their place, and in fact, they are an inseparable and essential part of education. But you should not make it an important part of your self-esteem. Your grades don’t define you, but what actually defines you is the internal change that education makes within you. Gaining education is more important than proving that you did.

Learning is vital, obviously and grades are proof to it. But you can so learn a great deal in your school without having its reflection on your scorecard. These things match your knowledge but might not match your grades. Grades can also be affected by things like tardiness or attendance. So poor grades do not necessarily indicate that you are a poor student and know nothing. Yes, colleges look for grades. They deny or accept a student on the basis of grade point average. So, grades matter most if you have high hopes for your dream college. If so is the case, start working hard because unfortunately, there, your grades are going to suppress your other skills and talents. But, there are colleges where admissions staff try to look beyond the grade scale. For them, skill and knowledge matter more than what that piece of paper shows. But where staffs have to follow strict rules for admission that has been handed over to them, grades rule.

We don’t say that you can have bad grades and it’ll make no difference. What we mean is that being a middle-of-the-road student is acceptable. Good grades are a temporary satisfaction to the soul. Instead, learn other skills, other languages and educate your inner self. Use this education to improve yourself as a person. While buying books or other necessary things, checkout hotozcoupons as it often comes up with great offers and deals.

Forget about grades and forget about jobs. And, enjoy the ridiculous luxury that education actually is. Also, make sure that in your future, you don’t force or scold any student for good grades. Motivate them because that’s all you can do, and you should do. Because in the end, your happiness and your personality are all that matters!