Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Details of some therapies in massage therapy course

There are many different types of therapies that are included under the term massage therapy course, provided by massage therapy CEU classes and some of them are discussed in brief in the following article:

  • Acupressure:

Acupressure is the technique in which you apply pressure on different energy lines of body and this allows the energy to flow freely.

  • Chair massage:

As the name suggests, the chair massage therapy is the one in which massage is given to the person in sitting position. This relatively easy type of massage therapy because the client doesn’t have to undress for massage and this can be done anywhere as closed area is not required.Image result for Details of some therapies in massage therapy course

  • Pediatric massage:

This type is mainly concerned for the children. It is used to relive the stress and pain in the body of the children due to various medical conditions. This also helps in proper physical and mental growth of the child.

  • Massage for health care:

This therapy is focused on the clients who have certain medical conditions or abnormalities. When you work in this field, your knowledge increases relatively and this will help you to give the most suitable massage to any client coming to you in future.

  • Pregnancy massage:

This is the type of massage therapy that is given to pregnant women only. This type of massage therapy helps the mother to stay relaxed and relieve any kind of stress due to pregnancy. Also pre-pregnancy massages also provided for the women who want to conceive.

  • Oncology massage:

Oncology massage is provided to the patients suffering from cancer. This therapy is aimed at helping the patients to relax and proper education via continuing education also teaches to take care of any physical complications taking place in the body of cancer patient.

  • Orthopedic massage:

This type is about the massages to be given to the orthopedic patients who suffer from any soft tissue trauma, pain or injury. This therapy concentrates only on that part of body which is injured or is in pain like knee joint, shoulder joint, etc.

  • Sports massage:

The sports massage therapy is basically provided to the sportspersons. It focuses on improving the performance of the sportsperson and also it is provided to them when they are exhausted and the muscles of different parts of body have undergone exertion.

It is also done to help the sportsperson recover faster with the help of massages.

These are few basic massage therapies and their brief details. This article might help you to select the kind of therapy you want to opt for while entering the massage therapy course. This is just a short version of few fields. But these are very important fields in the massage therapy course. I hope you will be benefitted by this article. Thank you!