Saturday 23 March 2019
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Debunking Top Myths About Associate Degree Programs

There are various ways of acquiring a degree in any field, tailored for different kinds of people with varying types of preferences. Many people question the quality of the degree earned through an associate program at a community college. If you are one of them, sit back and get ready for the myths associated with associate programs debunked.

Quality isn’t as great since it is cheap

Yes, associate degree programs are a lot cheaper than a regular degree program. However, this does not automatically make it evident that the quality of education is not as high since it is cheaper. Associate degree programs aim at delivering particular kind of skills and knowledge. There is no comparison between a regular course and an associate course. Both have their benefits. Also, since it is recent that associate classes are slowly becoming popular amongst students, they focus on teaching in a way that they get ranked and become more popular over time.

Associate degrees can’t fetch you a job

The very reason why associate degrees exist is so that they let you finish off your course in a short-term and get started with a job. They are accommodating when it comes to recruitment. Keeping all the other factors constant, it doesn’t matter if you have a degree from an associate program or a regular university program. What matters more is the set of skills you have acquired and your experience in the field.

It is not an alternative for people who aspire to be successful

Out of all the myths, that one myth that needs to be debunked the most is that people who want to be successful should not pursue an associate program or go to a community college. So many people who have graduated from a community college are just as successful as the ones who haven’t. More than anything, your success depends on the amount of hard work you put in and how passionate you are. With that said, some of the successful people who have graduated from a community college are- Walt Disney, Melvin Salveson, Pete Rozelle, and so many more.

Transferring from community college to university isn’t possible

It is very much possible to get transferred from a community college to a university if you plan to pursue a four-year course. If you want, you can request a transfer to a university, and you would have a proper channel of support to get transferred. Given that you plan your course of education, you can avail the facility of getting a transfer to a regular university very easily.

Associate programs will help you acquire skills that would be useful when you look for jobs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an associate degree, unlike how it has been viewed for years now. Times have changed and so have beliefs. The truth of the matter is, whether an Associate program or a four-year degree program, your hard work matters the most. So, if you plan to take up an associate program, go ahead and do it!