Sunday 25 October 2020
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Combine Group Classes and Private Lessons for The Most Efficient Language Study

For many people, learning a second language seems like a difficult, perhaps even impossible, task. Obviously, it takes time to learn any language, and the way that we learn our native tongue is through years of listening (as a baby) and then mimicking as we grow. Parents or other family members, caretakers, might read to us; eventually we follow along—even if we do not really know what these little characters mean.  That is how we begin to understand our native language.

That goes on for years. We learn to form sounds and words and then more complex sentences.

By the time many people learn a second language it is many years later, even decades. And by that time, the cognitive language skills we do have are pretty ingrained: so ingrained to the point that learning another language seems, well, foreign (pun intended).

But learning a new language does not have to be difficult.  Or, at least, not quite so foreign and scary.  This is particularly true when you take English classes, for example, in a group setting.


As a matter of fact, Institut Linquistique Cours d’anglais en groupe might actually be the best way to learn how to speak English (or any language, for that matter).  Language may be a tool for understanding knowledge but it is also a functional instrument of society. We need language to communicate with other people, so the best way to learn it is probably among other people too. Classes that focus on group learning help to engage students with not only discussions about the lesson but also opportunities to listen, respond, and fully converse in a way that lets you think and act in real time.


Maybe you are a bit shy or simply learn better through one-on-one interaction. Either way, the Linguistic Institute also offers private English lessons that give you intimate time with fluent, professional instructors that can certainly help you to improve your English comprehension and speaking skills.  At the same time, most people who enroll in private English courses typically already have some foundation of understanding and are looking for more experience with direct connection and communication.  Indeed, private English lessons tend to be for more advanced students looking to improve their linguistic comprehension of the English language so as to better understand things like proper verb use in sentence construction (which makes for more native-sounding conversation).