Tuesday 19 February 2019
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Choose your Engineering Major and School Carefully

Engineering is and always have been one of the most sought after career options for out of box thinkers with logical thinking capabilities and rational reasoning abilities. Engineering is a profession associated with high level of job satisfaction along with high return on investment (ROI). There is unlikely to be a dull moment in an engineer’s life and you get to earn some really good money doing what you do best. Another good thing about this course of study is that engineering contains a large number of specialities.  You can choose one that most closely meets your specific career goals, skill sets and aptitude.

The availability of a large number of streams in engineering can often act as a double edge sword for engineering students. While it gives them plenty of choice to choose from, it can also be overwhelming at times as students may get confused by the sheer number of engineering majors that are available. Experts and counsellors will suggest you to pick up your engineering stream with caution and careful assessment of your strength, aptitude and interest. Never opt for an engineering major based on its earning potential and ROI. You will probably make a poor software engineer if you have no interest in computers and just wish to study computer engineering as you have heard that software engineers get paid the most.

Best engineering colleges in Delhi or for that matter top level engineering colleges anywhere are most likely to offer all major engineering streams, and most importantly quality education in all of them.  A mechanical engineer as such from an established engineering college is most likely to find placement with a top level corporation as that of a software engineering student. For example, IIT Kanpur is known for its CSE department; it does not mean that students studying civil engineering will be hard pressed to find a good job.

Another important aspect to take care of which some would suggest is more important that choosing an engineering stream is the choice of an engineering college.

Engineering students may find it a bit bewildering but it is a fact that the challenge of picking up a right engineering college is as difficult, if not more, than clearing an immensely tough engineering competitive examination. There are hundreds of engineering colleges available and as such choosing one that perfectly complements your skills sets and your career aspirations may be a bit tougher than you actually think.  

The importance of taking up your time and conducting careful research so that you pick the best amongst all the available choices cannot be overemphasised.   A low grade engineering institute can cause unalterable damage to your career aspirations as at the end of four or five years, you will have little else to show other than a worthless degree that may not be worth the paper it is printed on.  You may have to waste tremendous amount of time and energy along with other precious resources looking for a decent job on your own.

To negate any such unfortunate occurrence, it is strongly recommended that you display extreme caution and discretion in comparing, choosing and finally selecting quality top B.Tech colleges Delhi NCR or any other place in India. Top rated engineering schools have the facilities and the faculty to impart a world class education. Quality institutes are known for developing job ready graduates who can efficiently deal with complex technological challenges of the 21st century.