Tuesday 19 February 2019
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BYOD System – Is this Advantageous

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For sure you can still recall your school days when you are still young. Everything was just manual then like your teacher will just use a chalk, blackboard and a stick to point out what he is talking about. Everything must be written on the board before it will be discussed to the students.

But today, that is not the case anymore, especially in the urban universities and colleges. Blackboards are becoming more irrelevant and they are slowly replaced by laptops and other similar devices. In fact, some of the schools these days are even now using the BYOD system.

What does BYOD mean? This means bring your own device and most really advanced schools are now using this system. There are also schools where they are the ones providing the devices and they are just added to the tuition fees.

This system is also what Robotel digital lab is using. This company manufactures a multi-user digital language lab where they incorporate the BYOD system. To know more about it, you should check out their website.

What are the benefits of BYOD system?

You are already familiar with the device

Because you are bringing your own device, you can focus on the lessons presented and not on how to operate the device itself. No matter what the lessons are, you can easily check on them. If there are apps that must be downloaded, you can easily do so without asking any assistance from others.

Leverages the student’s love of his own device

Admit it, we definitely care for our own device. As a matter of fact, you might be glued to yours round the clock. So if this is the device you will use for your lessons, especially one that is not easy to deal with, you will have an easier time than if you will be given a new device.

This system makes learning more convenient and easier

Yes, using a device as a tool for learning is a good thing in this era. This will not only teach the students about the lessons or the target language but at the same time, this will also teach them how to be a pro in using computers. Well, mobile gadgets are like mobile computers these days.

Unlike when you are still young, lessons today are more interesting with the BYOD system. With this system as part of the digital language lab of Robotel, there is a  better chance of becoming a pro of your choice of language quicker.