Thursday 22 October 2020
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After Graduating from Art School, What Can I Do with a Fine Arts Degree?

The obvious question you would ask yourself when you graduate from an art school is what can you do with a fine arts degree? Many aspiring students of fine arts take time to research to find out the career options that are open to them before enrolling for a course. If you are imaginative and creative, a degree in fine arts will give you the chance to express yourself. Fine arts might not a vocational course for excelling in a specific career however; it does give you the chance to earn well as there are various career paths that are open to graduates of fine arts.

Skills of Fine Arts are valued highly

Students of fine arts are valued for their analytical, observational and research skills. They have the ability to solve issues with a creative bent of mind. They work independently and excel in the skills of practical arts which are often needed by people of different professions. Given below are the typical art career options for you-

  1. Illustrator- An illustrator needs to be creative for communicating messages, stories and ideas to the targeted audience. Most of them work on a freelance basis for multiple clients. They specialise in a specific area like photography, digital illustration or drawing. You get the opportunity to display your work in diverse formats with the aid of CAD or computer aided design techniques.
  2. Animator- Cartoon animation is a booming industry and sector today. An animator creates many images in large frames. They are sequenced together to create the illusion of movement called animation. They are also needed when they work on the visual effects of a movie. You may enhance your scope of getting employment in the animation industry when you take up a post-graduate specialization in the field.
  3. Photography- A Masters in Fine Arts will help you get a good job in the field of photography. You can also work as a self-employed professional and enter into networking connections with your clients. You should look for opportunities and avenues to get your work published and try to learn new skills on a daily basis. You should also create a portfolio of your work so that you can attract clients.
  4. Graphic designer- Graphic designers provide you with a visual impact that is both creative and artistic in nature. For getting employment as graphic designers, you should have a specialisation in the field of design. Your work will also involve the use of computer software packages like Photoshop.
  5. Arts Administrator- If you are passionate about arts and wish to convert your passion into a full-time profession, becoming an arts administrator will help you earn well and enjoy your work too. With this profession, you are able to gather new perspectives towards art however for the role; you must have strong computer and social interaction skills.

Therefore, if you plan to join a Fine Arts School, you will have many career paths open to you post graduation. They will give you good remuneration and job security too!