Wednesday 12 December 2018
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Choosing An Online Degree

There was a time when learning was constrained in classroom levels and online colleges were rarely unavailable. However, with the advancement of technology, online colleges became accessible and the programs offered could not hold a candle to the traditional schools. Today, there are various online degrees offered including nursing, business, history, and virtual programs. The programs offer quality education, but with so many programs available, the question is: how do you choose the right online college degree? I have prepared a list of tips that will help you choose the right online degree.

Step one: Think About Your High School Favourite Subjects

Your favorite subjects in high school can help you figure out your interest in college. Choosing a major is a process and therefore, knowing the subjects you liked and disliked might be the first step towards knowing your interest and thus selecting your major. In this case, make a list of three, inclusive of your high school classes. The first list consists of topics that bored you to tears, the second list consists of topics that you were curious about even though you disliked the teacher, and the last list is for topics that you absolutely loved. You can narrow the list and select your programs of choice by crossing off the subjects you found boring. For instance, if you liked biology back in high school, then the medical degree might be right for you. Choosing a major takes time and careful consideration. Keep in mind that choosing a major is different from choosing a career

Step two: Think About Your Hobbies

What do you enjoy doing even if you are not getting paid for it? That might be your hobby and even see some pattern of interest emerging here. For instance, you like drawing and even back in high school, you enjoyed art classes. Then a major in art or art history might interest you. Therefore, knowing your hobby may lead you to discover your area of interest and thus choosing a program to major in your study.

Step three: Consider The Program Length

Do you want to be in school for a longer period or a shorter period? An online Southern New Hampshire University degree takes three to four years to complete. Graduate level often takes about two to three years or less depending on the program.  In doctoral programs, some can take as long as ten years while others take only four or five years to complete. Depending on the program, you can opt to start with an associate degree or certificate, then as you continue with your online classes you can earn a doctorate in your field someday. In case you major in a medical field, you can become an LPN with a quick one-year education or opt for a Ph.D. in nursing which takes more time.

Step four: Before You Commit, Scrutinize the School

You have already found the online degree to major and you have also located the school to attend but you are not sure if the school will work best for you.  Here are tips that will help you to choose a school with a program that will suit you.

Accreditation: The school should be regionally accredited thus recognized as a legitimate institution and not just a degree-mill. After all, employers will look at a degree from an accredited school with more respect.

Financial Aid: Online universities such as Southern New Hampshire University are generally not that expensive than local colleges.  Yet, what can the school do to help you financially? You still need financial help. Keep in mind that high prices do not necessarily guarantee high quality.

Technical support: Knowing that the university will be there to help always when you are having difficulties is a sign of how they care about you and your education. It is not worth throwing all of your money away based on faulty internet connections.

Read students reviews: What are students saying about your degree? Has a former student discussed their post-graduation employment opportunities? Reviews can help you find more about the school.