Saturday 23 March 2019
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A Guide to UK Student Visa for Thai Students – Top Requirements

For those looking to study in the UK and at the same time take up part-time work, they need to apply and obtain UK Visa. Thai students can apply for UK student visa from Bangkok. Here is a short guide to help you understand the requirements for Thai students to obtain a student visa for the UK.

General Requirement for Obtaining Student Visa

  • The first thing you need to show is that you have been accepted by a UK university for a course or going to the UK for research purpose in an educational organization.
  • You must also show that you can pay for the course and support yourself while in the UK without having to depend on public funds or a job.
  • You must also show that you can and will follow your course.
  • You also need to show that you fully intend to leave the UK once you complete the studies.

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Supporting documents that you need to provide when you submit your Visa application –

  • Your present diplomas and other educational certificates.
  • A letter from the college, school or university in the UK, confirming your acceptance of a course of study or the period for research. You also need to provide a statement of the fees for the course.
  • Bank statements and other evidence to show that you can pay your tuition fees and can fully support yourself during your stay in the UK.
  • If you are following an ATAS certificate.
  • Any evidence of government sponsorship if applicable.
  • If you are getting private sponsorship, you need to get a letter from the sponsor providing details of how they will support your studies and with evidence.

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UK Visa Requirement for Prospective Students

Thai students can visit the UK as prospective students to arrange for their studies and can stay there for up to 6 months. Here are the following requirements that need to be fulfilled –

  • You need to show that you intend to enroll yourself in a UK university within six months of arriving.
  • You need to show that you can pay for the course and support yourself without the need of public fund.
  • Once your visa expires or you finish your studies, you need to leave the UK immediately.

Working Requirements while Studying in the UK

Even though the students can work part time or during holidays while in the UK, there are some restrictions as follows –

  • Students cannot work more than 20 hours in a week unless it is part of their course and has been agreed upon by the educational institute.
  • Students can do business or seek self-employment or provide any services to others.
  • Students cannot work full-time in a permanent job.

Can Students get Work Permit while in the UK?

Students can work in the UK if –

  • They have completed their studies from a recognized UK Institute with adequate records of enrolment and proper attendance.
  • They hold a work permit for employment.
  • They have sponsorship from any government agency or have permission from the government to stay in the UK under any category.
  • Students have not broken any immigration law.