Saturday 23 March 2019
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A Guide to Analysis and Advice on College Essay Prompts

There are many public and public universities which use Common App, but there are some universities which don’t use the Common app instead they ask their applicants to respond to their college essay prompts. College essay prompts are somewhat standard in many colleges in the USA.

What is the Reason Colleges Ask for an Essay?

Colleges judge you about your personality, maturity, and insights by letting you complete an essay. You interests, views and aspirations are highlighted and brought to the attention of the people who are responsible for your admission. So, the most common prompts are like how your personality, likes, dislikes etc. shaped you or like what made you want to get admission on that college, or what are you excited to study about, etc.

Before applying also know the fact that personal statement won’t be enough to get you in the college; your scores and grades are significant too. A well-written essay can help you go up in the selection list, and you can get the benefit of not losing the seat if every other thing is alright.

Essays are asked by the schools in which the competitive level to get admission is very high, whereas the schools whose demands are less, won’t even ask you for the essay.

General Applications:

If you want to apply to many different schools at once, there are three general applications.

  • Common Application.
  • Universal College Application.
  • Coalition Application.

The Common Application is more common compared to Universal College Application or Coalition Application.

Common Applications:

You are to write 250-650 words essay by selecting one topic from the list of prompts you are provided with.

Universal College Application:

The word limit is 650, and it is open-ended. You have a choice of whatever topic you want to write about.

Coalition Application:

The guideline is 300-550 words, but word limit is not a hard and fast rule. You are to pick one from the list of five prompts you would be given.

Main Types of College Essay Questions

Most schools ask about specific prompts, only a few schools you will see asking like, “Tell something about you”. The particular questions are pretty much similar to each other. They can easily be divided into three parts. The questions are as follows:

  • Questions linked to your experience.
  • Questions linked to how you accommodate in a community.
  • Questions linked to your goals.

The questions will be asked mostly about these three subjects. So, to make you distinct from others try to study on those topics, but remember, always try to understand what your readers want from you while researching, it’s still the readers who judge the writer.