Tuesday 19 February 2019
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5 Main Things You Should Know About Education in Ireland

Are you looking for a study destination away from your home country? If it’s all things Europe, then, Ireland should be among your top considerations. For one, Ireland is home to the headquarters of a big chunk of renowned global companies, in the European region.

Also, they are a friendly bunch. Therefore, you may not have much difficulty in finding a reliable, essay writing service Ireland.

Before you get packing, here are a few things you should know about studying in Ireland:

Ireland’s Education System

  1. Divided into Four Levels

The compulsory age for children to be in school is the ages 6-16. Alternatively, it is up to completion of three years in the second level of education. These levels include primary (first-level), post-primary, third-level (university, Institutes of Technology), and Further or Adult education.

The latter is different from third-level education. It involves vocational training opportunities.

  1. High-Quality Education

In their commitment to excellence, the Irish have developed a strong education system. Their reputation is also renowned internationally. Irish Universities are among the top 5% in the world.

Also, the Irish State Agency ensures the quality of the qualification. They are also recognized internationally.

  1. Emphasis on Innovation and Creativity

When it comes to inventions, the Irish has its share of life-changing contributions. Be it in the development of soles for Rubber shoes, submarine, or finding a treatment for leprosy. Thus, it’s no wonder that their government puts more money into education, compared to other European countries.

They have also made a mark in literature, arts, and music. Something to push you to put more effort into your Irish essays. In the Global Innovation Index of 2018, Ireland took position 11.

Writing Essays

  1. English is the primary language of Instruction in Institutions of Higher Education

Not just by the natives but also in combination with those who speak it as a second language. For acceptance into any course, you’ll have to demonstrate the required level of proficiency in English.

It will also prove useful in your essay writing assignments. Requirements for proficiency may differ from one institution to another, in any case.

The Irish Culture

  1. Provides a Safe and Friendly Environment

For international students, feeling at home in a new environment influences one’s chance of success. Many institutions of higher learning have dedicated offices to overseas students. It helps such students get accustomed to the Irish culture and procedures for the institution.

Some offices may also run other extra-curricular activities for international students. They aim to encourage the students to enjoy the opportunities and activities that Irish students, have.

Make your Irish Education Experience Count

As many more international students, embark on this Ireland education bandwagon; so, should you consider it. Not only do students from overseas have a place that caters for their needs. You also get to gain knowledge and experience in a land where learning and education, is of great importance.

Also, the significant number of multinational companies setting up shop in Ireland, means there are attractive employment opportunities for you. All in all, as in any new country that you go to; try to be flexible.

Join as many clubs as possible, especially those that pique your interest. It is one way to make your experience count.