Tuesday 19 February 2019
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4 Things to Know About Schooling in Dubai

Dubai is the land of expats; in fact, the UAE is home to one of the world’s highest percentages of  expatriates. There are plenty of reasons why so many people move to the Emirates, such as the overflowing number of business opportunities, the beneficial tax policies, the culture, the friendliness of locals, the updated infrastructure, and the overall high standard of living.

There are plenty of things to consider when moving across the world, but for those with children, there are extra considerations regarding their lives and well-being.

Education is understandably at the top of that list and can be a source of concern when families begin to look at opportunities abroad. Luckily, Dubai has plenty of offerings for quality education, and many schools have excellent amenities and diverse curriculums, such as the British schools in Dubai.

In fact, there are so many incredible options, which can make it very overwhelming even to know how or where to start. In order to assist you with your queries, and to reduce the amount of stress you have when it comes to preparing for this move, here are four things to know about schooling in Dubai.

1. Dubai has a high literacy rate.

Since its founding, the UAE has always prioritized the educational opportunities and objectives that it presents for its young people. Thanks to the government’s commitment to education, literacy rates in the country for both genders are close to 95 per cent.

The government continues to roll out initiatives at all educational levels to ensure that students from the UAE are prepared to obtain higher education from universities around the world and compete in the global marketplace.

In other words, if you are considering moving to Dubai, you can rest assured that the educational offerings here are world-class.

2. There are public and private schools.

In Dubai, there are both public and private options for schooling, however public or government schooling is exclusively for UAE locals.

When it comes to private schools, the fees deviate widely, so that will most likely be an essential factor for you to take into consideration.

3. You can select from a wide array of curriculums.

Due to the multicultural nature of Dubai and the number of expats that are already living and thriving there, you can find a wide assortment of options in terms of the curriculum. In fact, one of the most challenging responsibilities for you will be determining which style of curriculum will suit your child the most.

Generally, many Australian and Western expat families like to find British curriculum schools in Dubai as the curriculum may be the closest to what their children have already been studying.

That being said, many expats opt to enroll their children in programs that study the CBSE Indian curriculum, the IB, or US curricula. The system you choose is going to be based on where you are moving from, where you might be moving to in the future, and the educational goals you have for your children.

4. There is something for everyone.

It can be overwhelming to select a school for your child, especially when it is located in a different country! It is an important decision that can affect the outcome of your child’s life, so it indeed isn’t something that you should rush into or not consider thoroughly.

When trying to decide on the right school in Dubai for your children, take into consideration the rankings of particular schools by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and The Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) inspections.

In addition to the curriculum and instructional language, consider the location, the facilities, the teaching standards, the past results, the number of expat children who are also attending, and the cost.

Are you considering moving to Dubai? Have you ever moved your child across the world? How did you find the right school? Share your experiences and lessons learnt in the comments below!